Shayla at her first Islanders game. And they win for the first time in 14 games!

Evan getting ready for football season.

Eating eggs together

Shayla on Halloween as a Pink Butterfly with Baha.

Next 4 pics: Cousin Luke comes over for a Jets game.

Baha with his 3 Grandchildren all in their Jets garb.

Luke makes sure Uncle Marc's heart can take the anxiety of another exhausting Jets game.

Evan turns 1 and enjoys his cake.

Next 2 pics: Evan celebrates another last second Jets victory.

After 3 straight exhilirating Jets wins, Evan is exhausted and takes it easy.

Cousin Luke steals some food.

Cousin Monkey Luke and Halloween.

After a bath, a dressed Evan decides he wants another one.

Just chillin in my corner.

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